Project Component 9:

Assist NKEP to develop the strategy for consolidation phase of VL elimination in Bangladesh

General Objective of the component
To assist NKEP in developing and revising national strategy for VL elimination considering the consolidation phase of the elimination programme.
Specific objective(s) of the component
1. To adapt the existing national strategy for VL elimination in accordance with the consolidation phase of the elimination programme now Bangladesh is entered
2. To uphold the Joint Monitoring Mission (JMM) suggestion to NKEP and incorporate them in the updated strategy of VL elimination in Bangladesh.
3. To incorporate the HPNSP initiated activities within the updated strategy for VL elimination
4. To involve all major stakeholders and VL experts in the strategy modification process.

Geographical area of the component
Central level policy makers and district administrator (civil surgeon) of 26 VL endemic districts will be under this component.

Target population of the component
Central level policy makers, programme director, programme managers, advisors of NKEP, partners of NKEP (WHO, MSF, KC and others), civil surgeons of the endemic districts, office staffs of civil surgeons, Upazila (sub-districts) managers (UH&FPOs) and the concern field staffs.

9.1 Coordination Meeting at Central Level:

9.2 Coordination meeting with DG and CDC Director on draft strategy Finalization:

9.3 Presentation in Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting:

9.4 Development of SOP for Active Case Detection (ACD):

9.5 Coordination meeting involving the Civil Surgeons:

9.6 Involving district health administration (Civil Surgeon Office) in the elimination process