Project Cpmponent 6:

Project monitoring and evaluation is to assess the project in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability in order to improve its functionality.


The various activities of the diverse above mentioned components of the project need meticulous monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate effectiveness and impact. Monitoring will involve systematic collection and analysis of information aiming at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. This will be based on target set and activities planned under each component of the project. Evaluation will involve comparison of actual project outcome as well as impact against the agreed outcomes and impact. The general objectives of this component are-

  1. To ensure efficiency by monitoring inputs, activities and outputs of the project
  2. To  ensure maximum effectiveness based on planned outputs and outcome of the project
  3. To evaluate impact of the project in tackling VL in Bangladesh


To achieve the objectives we considered the following specific objectives

  1. Develop the theory of change for the programme
  2. To select indicators for data collection, management and analysis for output and outcome of each component of the project to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the project.
  3. To provide regular monitoring feedback and make programmatic adjustments as indicated
  4. To link project outcomes and impact to the KalaCORE logical framework indicators
  5. To compare level of implementation of the project with its impact




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