Project Component 3:

Implementation and validation of VL outbreak management strategy in relation to national kala-azar elimination programme

Kala-azar outbreak management guideline has been developed and GoB has incorporated this guideline into the health system of Bangladesh. VL outbreak is defined as: Newly VL case reported from a Upazila which was never endemic for VL , OR Newly VL case reported from a Upazila which was not endemic in last 3 years, OR ≥ 1 case /10000 population at Upazila level after achieving the elimination target, OR New cluster in an endemic area, OR Sudden increase of number of VL cases in a VL endemic Upazila compared to the expected number of cases Local outbreak management teams have been formed at UHC level in 100 endemic upazilas in Bangladesh. Based on this newly developed guideline about 28 suspected outbreaks have been identified, but none of these outbreaks have been investigated and controlled due to lack of fund in NKEP. Therefore the phase II project will be mainly focused on outbreak response implementation and validation of the strategy. The approach will focus on developing and consolidating learning from both previously endemic and non-endemic upazillas, with the ultimate objective of having a field-tested and implementable outbreak response strategy at the time of closure of the KalaCORE project.

Definition of cluster: more than 2 cases found around the 300-500 meter of index case

General objective:

To implement and validate a comprehensive evolving national VL outbreak management strategy in relation to VL elimination programme in Bangladesh. The overall objective is to ensure that NKEP has appropriate field tested outbreak response guidelines at the close of the KC project moving into the consolidation phase.


Specific objective:

  1. To improve the capacity of the outbreak management teams under the NKEP at CDC of DGHS for proper management of VL outbreak in Bangladesh
  2. To implement and evaluate VL outbreak investigation activities as per outbreak management guideline in both endemic and non-endemic areas
  3. To ensure sustainable integration of VL outbreak management system into the web based VL surveillance system in Bangladesh.


Geographical coverage:

The activities of this component will be implemented in 100 upazilas of26 Districts endemic for VL (list of the upazila are given in table 1.1 in Annex) plus suspected new endemic upazilas as per surveillance data from 2015 to July-2017 (about 29 upazilas in 11 districts).

Central level training on VL outbreak management in BangladeshTraining on VL outbreak management in Bangladesh at Upazila level