Project Component 2:

Comprehensive approach for training of tertiary level health facility in VL elimination strategy with emphasis on VL and PKDL cases management and referral

Although an estimated 40% of VL and PKDL cases are treated at the SKKRC at Mymensingh district, it is very important to train medical college hospitals and the tertiary level hospitals from the affected areas on VL and PKDL management. Currently the tertiary level hospitals have not received any formal training on updated VL elimination strategies, as the programme has only focused their activitied at upazila level. Therefore, it is very important to involve them in the current activities of the VL elimination program with particular emphasis on VL and PKDL case management and referral. Moreover, these institutions are an excellent platform to disseminate this elimination related knowledge towards future generations of healthcare professionals and experts. Through this activity we have proposed to train professionals and advocate front line managers from medical colleges and tertiary level health care facilities in VL and PKDL case management. In addition to this the activity we will set up a web based platform which will contain VL and PKDL related documents like national guideline for VL and PKDL case management; program related reports; publications, factsheets, statistics from WHO South East-Asia Regional Office, New Delhi and World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva; PDF version along with web links of all VL and PKDL related open access published articles and also links of VL and PKDL related web pages.

General Objective

To aware teachers, doctors, managers of tertiary healthcare facilities on updated VL and PKDL case management and also on national kala-azar elimination programme facilities and also involve the dermatologists working in endemic areas on proper management of PKDL


Geographical area

Medical college hospitals, district hospitals and missionary hospitals from the endemic areas are covered under this component where cases are being treated. Missionary hospitals have been targeted in remote areas as these are the choice of service provider for marginalized tribal groups.


Target population

We are covering senior clinicians working in medicine, pediatrics, microbiology, community medicine and hospital managers (director and hospital super) of the medical colleges and tertiary level hospitals through a series of workshops. We are also providing training to front line clinicians of the medical colleges and tertiary level hospitals through the trainings. Indirectly, we hope to access far larger numbers of medical students and trainee specialists through cascade training as per usual teaching norms.


The component includes four major activities. These are:

  • workshop with teachers and directors of medical colleges; consultants and hospital supers of the district and missionary hospitals
  • training for frontline clinicians of medical colleges and medical officers of district and missionary hospitals
  • training of the dermatologist working the in the endemic areas on modern management of PKDL
  • maintaining an internet base platform on VL and PKDL for clinicians, medical students and those who are interested in this field


Downloadable resources